Knit with happiness. Happy is our brand new sock yarn that comes in several fun colors. The combination of wool, acrylic and polyamide makes the yarn warming, durable and full-bodied. Because Happy is very similar to Raggi you already have many free patterns to choose between.

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40% Wool "Superwash", 40% Acrylic, 20% Polyamide


Ca 100 g

Ca 186 m

10x10 cm

Nr 4.5/5.5

Ca 24/22 rnds

Ca 19/17 sts

10x10 cm

Nr 4.5

Ca 17 rnds

Ca 14 sc

Medium: ca 600 g

116-122 cl: ca 250 g

Strl. 22-30: ca 50-100 g

Strl. 37-41: ca 100-150 g

Do not use fabric softener

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