Llama Soft

Many knitters have discovered the lovely alpaca wool, but now it’s time for its unknown cousin to take a step into the limelight. With a fiber that’s just as soft and fine as the alpaca wool, the Bolivian llama really deserves your attention. It’s not for nothing they call it the cashmere of the Andes.

For over two decades, our producer have been refining the llama dehairing process. The result is one of the finest fibers in the world. Studies actually show that the llama fiber is both softer and has better insulation capacity than the wool of the alpaca.

In Llama Soft, the baby llama wool has been mixed with polyamide, which results in a super soft yarn with a natural, unspun feeling. Due to it’s thickness you’ll quickly get a beautiful result, regardless if you’re knitting or crocheting. As if that’s not enough, it’s also both warming and nice to the environment!

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85% Baby Llama, 15% Polyamide


Ca 50 g

Ca 150 m

10x10 cm

Nr 6

Ca 21 rnds

Ca 16 sts

10x10 cm

Nr 6

Ca 14 rnds

Ca 13 sc

Medium: ca 400 g

116-122 cl: ca 250 g

Do not use fabric softener

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Llama Soft is available in following colors: