Mellanraggi is the middle sibling of the Raggi-family. It’s a little bit thinner then Raggi, but comes in the same lovely, durable composition of superwash wool and polyamide. The yarn comes in many beautiful colors, and suits as good in socks as in scarfs, hats, gloves and sweaters.

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75% Wool "Super wash", 25% Polyamide


Ca 100 g

Ca 260 m

10x10 cm

Nr 3/4

Ca 33/30 rnds

Ca 25/23 sts

10x10 cm

Nr 4

Ca 20 rnds

Ca 17 sc

Medium: ca 550 g

116-122 cl: ca 250 g

Strl. 22-30: ca 75 g

Strl. 37-41: ca 100 g

Do not use fabric softener

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