Merino Raggi New item

In the same yarn group as our popular Mellanraggi we’re now launching Merino Raggi – a luxurious sock yarn made of warming merino wool and durable polyamide. The yarn comes in seven beautiful colors with a lovely, hand dyed look. As most of our yarns, Merino Raggi is OekoTex-certified, which means that you can use it with good conscious in garments for the whole family!

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75% Superwash Merino, 25% Polyamide


Ca 100 g

Ca 278 m

10x10 cm

Nr 3/4

Ca 34/32 rnds

Ca 25/22-23 sts

10x10 cm

Nr 4

Ca 27 rnds

Ca 22-23 sc

Strl. 22-30: ca 75 g

Strl. 37-41: ca 100 g

Do not use fabric softener

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Merino Raggi is available in following colors: