Raggi is the father of all sock yarns, and our biggest pride. The wonderful composition of superwash wool and polyamide makes the yarn durable, and therefore perfect for socks.

Raggi is also lovely warming in everything from sweaters and hats to mittens and scarves. The yarn works as good for knitting as for crocheting. It comes in both single colors (100g) and multi-colors (100/150g).

Colors that starts with “15” comes in 100g. Colors that starts with “20” comes in 150g.

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70% Wool "Superwash", 30% Polyamide


Ca 100/150 g

Ca 150/225 m

10x10 cm

Nr 4.5/5.5

Ca 24/22 rnds

Ca 19/17 sts

10x10 cm

Nr 4.5

Ca 17 rnds

Ca 14 sc

Medium: ca 600 g

116-122 cl: ca 350 g

Strl. 22-30: ca 100 g

Strl. 37-41: ca 150-200 g

Do not use fabric softener

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