Natural Jute

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Natural Jute

Fair trade jute.

Yarn group: 8
100% Nautral Jute
Skein: Approx. 300 g = 45 m
Recommended knitting needle: 10.00-15.00 mm
Recommended crochet hook: 10.00-15.00 mm

Natural Jute
Do not use fabric softener

Natural Jute

This fair trade jute is produced by a BCS certified, sustainable operating family business in Brazil. This Jute is produced while leaving the forest and natural vegetation intact. Jute is a sturdy 100% vegetable fiber and offers a wide range of crafty possibilities for indoor and outdoor projects. Its natural properties ensure a fully biodegradable final product. Our Jute collection comes from the amazones is available in a range of six toxic-free (non-Azo) pastel colours.

The idea for Hoooked originated in 2007 when the founder, Geesje Mosies, saw first-hand the amount of fabric waste European fashion textile factories produced. This led to the development of Zpagetti, a 100% recycled cotton yarn made of this fabric waste. Since then their range has grown with both yarns and accessories, but the basic concept has always been the same – to develop sustainable products that are environmentally friendly.

The most of Hoooked’s fabric yarns are slightly elastic, strong and durable. This makes them easy to work with. Thanks to the jumbo dimensions, you’ll see results fast. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the technique, you will want to crochet or knit anything and everything!

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