With knitting closest to the heart

The textile traditions in the small town of Järbo outside Sandviken, Sweden date back to the 1890s. The wool factory was the center of society and in addition to yarn production also included preparation, dyeing and weaving. During the 1960s, the business was concentrated on yarn and then primarily yarns for the manufacture of furniture fabrics, carpets and curtains. With Karl-Erik Blomberg and later his children Jan and Kristina at the helm, the company flourished to what it is today. Karl-Erik produced with great love, among other things, the original of ragg sock yarn Raggi which has warmed thousands of feet for many, many years. We took on the challenge of producing the best yarns and accessories for knitting and crochet and are very proud to be one of the market's leading suppliers today.

The family feeling in Järbo persists, and we place a high value on giving you an experience from buying the yarn to wearing a finished garment.

You will find everything you need with us! Järbo's products are available in hundreds of stores around the Nordic region. We also have resellers that ship all around the world.

Today we are located in Gävle, where we have our large warehouse that ships yarn for both shops and private individuals.


Let us present our new logo!

For over a year, we have been thinking and searching for what the new Järbo should be. Now we are finally here and can show you the result!
You may have heard of the eight-leafed rose? It is a traditional pattern that has existed in Nordic design for several hundred years. We have been inspired by it and made our own variant. The pattern you see here behind the logo is inspired by old croft wallpapers!
We hope you and your customers enjoy it as much as we do our new look! And one more thing: Since we are already "Järbo" with most people, we have chosen to remove "Yarn" from the brand name. Now we are simply called Järbo.


Nordic design in focus

By gathering profiled designers from Sweden and the Nordic countries, we can now offer designs of an incredibly high level. We want you, like us, to want to fill the bookshelf with our new pattern booklets, and those that come in the future. We offer our designs in several different formats: as part of a pattern booklet, as individual patterns or as digital PDFs (on ravelry). We will also publish current free patterns on an ongoing basis.


We hold your hand

We are generous in providing inspiration and clear guides. With the help of these, you can feel confident in your knitting.
We will offer alternative color suggestions for each new pattern, we know that you appreciate well-thought-out color combinations.

We will also specify specific yarn options to suit the pattern. Of course, we continue our popular knitalongs and knit-alongs several times per season. In addition, we will make pedagogical knitting schools and indicate the degree of difficulty next to the patterns. Then it will be easier for you to learn new things and to choose the right one!

Another bonus is that our designs will have detailed sketches with all the measures.


Järbo - Nordic design since 1896


Check out all of our patterns!

Needles and hooks

We have thousands of knitting needles, crochet hooks and smart accessories. Everything is carefully selected by us so that you can have a wonderful time with your knitting.

Learn to knit

With our knitting schools (mostly in swedish), you can learn to knit from scratch or learn new exciting techniques.

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