KAL Knit-A-Long

  1. Christmas mittens 2019: Part 3

    Christmas mittens 2019: Part 3

    A big warm welcome to the last part of 2019 Christmas mittens!

    We will end with the thumb, as one should - a smaller part perfect for knitting in between prepping the turkey and wrapping Christmas gift. Do you want to heighten the coziness? In that case, I think that you should put on a cozy Christmas movie while you finish the mittens! My favourite is Love Actually, which is yours?



    Place the 22 stitches from the holder to your needles, 2,5mm.

    With MC: knit all 22sts. Pick up and knit 2 additional stitches

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  2. Christmas mittens 2019: Part 2

    Christmas mittens 2019: Part 2

    Happy third Advent!

    I'm really enjoying this Christmas-KAL together with you! Today's challenge is the thumb gusset and the hand! The thumb gusset follows the Line of Life on the hand -which makes for an extra  good fit. On the back of the hand there is a knot pattern. (Does it sound difficult? No worries, I've made a video for you, showing this technique!)

    Important information about the thumb gusset: The Line of Life-thumb has a different construction than the more regular thumb gussets have. Instead of increasing on both sides of the gusset, every other row, you will now increase on every row, at the same place. The stitches added will become the hand -while the existing stitches are the ones that form the thumb. That's the difference between a "regular" thumb gusset and the Line of Life-thumb. Please note that the increase is made before you slip the marker on the left mitten and after you slip the marker on the right

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  3. Christmas mittens 2019: Part 1

    Christmas mittens 2019: Part 1

    Good morning and welcome to the first part of this Knit-A-Long.

    At the year’s longest night we bring the light back to our homes with help from the saint Lucia -a Swedish tradition with roots back to the Middle Ages! I hope that you’re surrounded with candle lights, have something warm to drink and some gingerbread cookies on a plate! Let’s start off this Christmas KAL accompanied by beautiful carols -at least, that’s what I’m (Maja) going to do.

    Part 1 is focused on the cuff, in which we use stranded colourwork. The cuff is lined with a knitted rib. The technique is similar to the one used when knitting Lovikka mittens. If you’ve knitted a pair of Lovikkas you’ll probably recognize the construction.

    We will use two different needle sizes when we knit the cuff. This is because the lining needs to be snug, while the beautiful stranded colourwork needs to be loose enough to be comfortable. This part of the KAL will include a favourite f

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  4. Join our Christmas mitten 2019!

    Join our Christmas mitten 2019!

    This year's traditional Christmas knit-along from us here at Järbo is a classic Nordic mitt with colorful cuffs and good fit. As usual, you as a participant will try new techniques during the work, with film, text and picture descriptions. I (Maja) stand for the design and also lead the knit-along via the blog and our popular Facebook group "Julvanten 2019".

    The KAL befins at Lucia day (13th of December), and we will publish the first part as early as 6 AM. So, if you want to get up early in the early morning and enjoy Lucia, have plenty of time to pick up patterns and materials. Looking forward to spending time with you hanging on this tradition!

    Technical elements included

    • Latvian braid
    • Stranded knitting
    • Structural patterns
    • Lifeline thumb method


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  5. Sjön Knitalong 1 - Material, information och inspiration

    Sjön Knitalong 1 - Material, information och inspiration

    Ryktet är sant, snart startar höstens knitalong!

    Jag heter Sofia Kammeborn och jag kommer att handleda dig genom stickningen av en kofta i islandsgarn.

    Nu ska vi sticka en kofta som heter Sjön. Det är ett Järbomönster, designat av Ingalill Johansson och den stickas i Léttlopi. Mönstret finns på svenska, engelska, norska, danska och finska och du hittar det alldeles gratis här. 

    Min nya kofta är redan en favorit som jag vet att jag kommer att använda mycket. Mönstret till Sjön har funnits ett tag och då rekommenderats att sticka i Léttlopi men med ett annat garn (som inte längre finns kvar) som kontrastfärg. Inför denna knitalong har mönstret uppdaterats av Madelene på Järbo, bland annat med ett nytt diagram och med tydligare instruktioner. Jag har stickat upp koftan efter det nya mönstret i två bruna toner av Léttlopi.

    Tanken med denna

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  6. Skyskrapa sweater - video and picture tutorials

    Skyskrapa sweater - video and picture tutorials

    Time for sweater knitting!

    Skyskrapa is a ease and fun children's sweater that is a seamless knit from top to bottom. Choose five favorite colors in soft and comfortable Alpe, an untreated DK wool yarn.

    Maybe this is the first time you try to knit with two colors at the same time? Perfect!

    The social part, where you can see other people's color choices, projects and publish their own pictures and thoughts is going on in the facebook group Sticka Skyscrapa (mostly in swedish, but participate in the language that your are comfortable with).

    If you do not have a facebook you can ask questions in the comments below, or email me at madelene.linderstam@jarbo.se.

    HERE you'll find the free pattern

    If you're new to knitting the blog entry below will help

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  7. Summer cardigan - Part 4

    Summer cardigan - Part 4

    We are now coming to the grand finale of the Summer Cardigan knit-along! This week, we’ll knit the front button/buttonhole bands and the pockets! You’ll also have a chance to add that little something extra in the form of charming buttons and ribbon. It will be exciting to see what you choose!

    Knitting the front button and buttonhole bands

     It is practical to knit the front bands before cutting the steek open because the bands offer additional stabilization before the cutting. It is also easier to work with the whole garment when the cardigan front pieces are still connected. 

    Pick up and knit the recommended number of stitches along each front following the information in the pattern. So that the front bands won’t be either too tight or too loose, pick up and knit 3 stitches for every 4 rows. In other words, skip about every 4t

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  8. Summer cardigan - Part 3

    Summer cardigan - Part 3

    Are you ready for knitting the sleeves? That’s exactly what we’ll be doing this week. You are warmly welcome to the third part of our summer cardigan knit-along!


    Just as for the body, the sleeves will be knitted in the round. We will supplement the live stitches saved for each sleeve with new stitches picked up and knitted in the stitches we cast on at the underarms when dividing for the body and sleeves.

     Start off by sliding the live stitches saved for one sleeve onto a short circular or divide them onto a set of double-pointed needles (dpn).

     Beginning at the center of the underarm, pick up and knit half the total number of stitches across the underarm: insert the needle into the center of the stitch in the row below the cast-on and bring the yarn through as if to knit.

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  9. Summer cardigan - Part 2

    Summer cardigan - Part 2

    Welcome back! This week, we’ll continue knitting our summer cardigan, focusing on the body. After a flying start with a Latvian braid, shaping the yoke with increases and increase rounds, as well as the two-color stranded colorwork panel, we’ll take it easier now with a large section of stockinette in the round. This would be a good time to choose a recorded book you’ve been longing to “read,” so you can listen and immerse yourself in exciting stories while you knit.

    Even in this section, though, you’ll find a few small challenges!  As in last week’s part, I’ll take you through the knitting step by step.


    Dividing the body and sleeves

    The cardigan will now be divided into its components – the body and two sleeves. This is done by dividing the stitches of the yoke into two small sections and one large piece. When dividing the yoke i

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  10. Vinnaren i vår hatt-tävling är utsedd!

    Vinnaren i vår hatt-tävling är utsedd!
    Nu är vinnaren i vår hatt-tävling utsedd!
    Herregud, vad svårt det var - ni är verkligen SÅ vackra allihopa! Jag blir alldeles rörd av alla fina hattar och bilder på er.
    Vinnaren är Ulricha Kindler - stort grattis! Vi föll för din fina bild i blomsterhavet. Du vinner en ny laddning Raffia och den sticka eller virknål som passar till ändamålet.

    Jag kommer också att skicka ett litet hederpris till Emma Andersson som virkat hatt efter hatt med strålande resultat, samt varit en klippa i facebookgruppen och hjälp till.
    Gruppen fortsätter för övrigt att leva sommaren ut - och jag finns där ä
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