Sommarkoftan (summer cardigan) part 1

Warm welcome to this KAL!

Finally we get to cast on #sommarkoftan2020 (sommarkoftan is swedish for Summer cardigan)!

Here on the blog, I (Maja) will share tips and advice that will help your knitting.



Before you cast on, I would like to share two important things:

1: Have you made sure that your gauge matches the one specified in the pattern? Otherwise, your garment may be larger or smaller than the given dimensions.

Tip: Is the number of stitches / inches too few? Try going down 0.5 mm on your knitting needles .

Is the number of stitches / inches too many? Try going up 0.5 mm on your knitting needles .

2. Have you examined what size to knit by comparing your personal dimensions with the pattern?

Tip: The size indicated in the pattern is the size of the cardigan. You need to think for yourself whow much ease you want. If you want the cardigan to sit a little looser, it should measure 5-10 cm more than your bust size. If you want a close-fitting fit, choose a chest size that matches your own, or a width that is a few inches smaller than your current size.


Cast on with regular cast on method on double needles. Here's how to do it! Knit in rib as described and the 4 following rows in stockinette stitch.