1. Sock of Roses – Part 4

    Sock of Roses – Part 4

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  2. Sock of Roses – Part 3

    Sock of Roses – Part 3

    Now it’s time to begin the heel! The Rose socks are shaped with a classic gusset and a heel flap embellished with a cable pattern. Because the heel is worked from the bottom up, we’ll use short rows and wrapped stitches to shape the heel turn.

    The cable pattern on the heel flap synchronizes with the cables on the instep. The cables on the heel also enhance our romantic summer feelings! Just like a winding rose vine, the cables twine up the heel.


    Short rows with wrapped stitches (= wrap and turn). Working a short row means that you only knit a specified part of the row. To prevent holes at the points where you turn, the stitches are wrapped at each turn. Here’s how to wrap a stitch:

    On the RS (right side): bring yarn to front of work, slip the next st to the right needle purlwise. Move yarn to back of work and then return the slipped st back to the left needle. Turn work. When later

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  3. Sock of Roses – Part 2

    Sock of Roses – Part 2

    Welcome back!

    Now it’s time to continue working on our Rose Socks. This time we’ll focus on structure rather than motif knitting. In Part 2, you’ll learn how to work cables without a cable needle using a technique that I demonstrate in the video link below.

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  4. Sock of Roses – Part 1

    Sock of Roses – Part 1

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  5. Materials: Sock of Roses

    Materials: Sock of Roses

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