Märta - girl's lace-knit cardigan

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Märta - girl's lace-knit cardigan

Märta is a lovely spring and summer cardigan in a delightful linen yarn from Holma-Helsingland. Inspired by rain but made for sunny days. The gossamer raindrop pattern is easy to knit but effective. The A-line silhouette of the cardigan is comfortable while the narrow waist and wide lower edge ensure a graceful fit. A clasp or snap at the top holds the garment together. Linen's structure combines with the raindrop pattern along the front edges to add to the overall charm. The model pictured here is size 8-10 years / 134-140.

Designer: Kristin Blom

Photo: Daniel Bernstål

Translator: Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Version: 1

Pattern information

SIZES Girl’s 2T-4T (4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14+years) / 98-104 (110-116, 122-128, 134-140, 146-152, 158-164, 170) cl
Chest-garment measurements: approx. 26 (27¼, 28¾, 30, 30, 31, 32¾) in / 66 (69, 73, 76, 76, 79, 83) cm: 2-4 in / 5-10 cm positive ease recommended
Total length: approx. 16¼ (16¾, 18¼, 19, 20¼, 20¾, 22) in / 41.5 (42.5, 46, 48, 51.5, 52.5, 56) cm
Sleeve length: approx. 10 (10¾, 11¾, 12¾, 13¾, 14¾, 15¾) in / 25.5 (27.5, 30, 32.5, 35, 37.5, 40) cm
YARN Järbo Lin (CYCA #3, DK, light worsted, 100% linen, 219 yd/200 m / 100 g)
Pumpkin 48116: approx. 225 (250, 275, 300, 325, 350, 400) g
NEEDLES U. S. size 4 / 3.5 mm: circular at least 40 in / 100 cm long; set of 5 dpn for sleeves.
U. S. size 2.5 / 3 mm: circular 40 in / 100 cm long
NOTIONS clasp or press button/snap, blunt tip tapestry needle, stitch holder, stitch markers.
GAUGE: Approx. 24 sts and 24 rows in raindrop pattern (worked over most of the garment) on needles U. S. 4 / 3.5 mm = 4 x 4 in / 10 x 10 cm.
Approx. 19 sts and 24 rows in stockinette (only at the waist) on needles U. S. 2.5 / 3 mm = 4 x 4 in / 10 x 10 cm. Adjust needle size to obtain correct gauge if necessary.

Stickning am=avig maska/aviga maskor, arb=arbetet, avigs/AS=avigsidan, avm=avmaska, bakst=bakstycke, bf/bfg=bottenfärg, bmb=bakre maskbågen, cm:s=centimeters, db-int=dubbelintagning, döhpt=dubbel överdragshoptagning, enl=enligt, fg=färg, flm/LM=flytta markör/lyft markör, fmb=främre maskbågen, framst=framstycke, förkl=förklaringar, ggr=gånger, hopt=hoptagning, int=intagning, kantm=kantmaska, m=maska/maskor, mb=maskbåge, mf/mfg=mönsterfärg, omsl=omslag, plm/PM=placera markör, rest=resterande, rm=rät maska/räta maskor, räts/RS=rätsidan, rätst=rätstickning, slätst=slätstickning, st=sticka/stickor, tills=tillsammans, uppr=upprepa, v=varv, vr=vriden/vridna, v:s=varvs, ytterl=ytterligare, öhpt=överdragshoptagning, ökn=ökning

Virkning arb=arbetet, avigs/AS=avigsidan, bakst=bakstycke, bf/bfg=bottenfärg, bmb=bakre maskbågen, cm:s=centimeters, dst=dubbelstolpe, enl=enligt, fg=färg, fmb=främre maskbågen, flm/LM=flytta markör/lyft markör, fm=fast maska/fasta maskor, förkl=förklaringar, ggr=gånger, hopt=hoptagning, hopv=hopvirkade, hst=halvstolpe, kantm=kantmaska, lm=luftmaska, lmb=luftmaskbåge, m=maska/maskor, mb=maskbåge, mf/mfg=mönsterfärg, omsl=omslag, plm/PM=placera markör, rest=resterande, räts/RS=rätsidan, st=stolpe, st-gr=stolpgrupp, sm=smygmaska, tills=tillsammans, uppr=upprepa, v=varv, v:s=varvs, ytterl=ytterligare, ökn=ökning, 3-dst=tredubbel stolpe, 5-lmb=luftmaskbåge med 5 lm

To avoid questions: Before you begin knitting, read through the pattern.
Stitch count: Always knit or crochet a gauge swatch as recommended in the pattern. If your stitch count doesn’t match the gauge given in the pattern, try again with larger or smaller needles or hook. If your gauge doesn’t match that in the pattern, your item will not be the correct size or shape.
Highlight the size you will knit or crochet throughout the pattern to make it easier to follow the instructions.
Charts: It will be easier to follow a chart if you mark your row with a ruler and magnetic board or sticky note.
Ease: The amount of ease included in our garments varies depending on the type and shape of the garment. To determine the right size, we recommend that you first measure your body. Then you can calculate the garment size depending on how much ease you want the garment to have. The schematics for each piece show all the garment measurements.
Two-color stranded knitting: When knitting more than 3-4 stitches of the same color, twist the color strands around each other on the wrong side to avoid long strands or “floats” on the back. If the yarns need to be twisted on several rows/rounds, make sure you do not stack the twists in the same place to prevent the yarns from showing through on the right side.
Yarn alternative: Please be aware that the gauge (tension), yarn quantity and the shape of the work varies if you use another yarn (even in the same yarn group).
Tips för hand dyed yarn: Make sure you have enough yarn to complete your project. The colors may vary from time to time. To get a smooth color mix, you can alternate between two skeins: knit two rows from one and two rows from another skein.

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