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Fleringe CAL: Part 1

Fleringe CAL: Part 1

Posted: 13 May, 2022
Writer: Anna Erlandsson

Then it's finally time to start this crochet-along and start crocheting our shawls!

I am so curious to see what color and yarn choices you have made, and I look forward to follow your projects forward. If you want to join and follow others who also participate, there is a Facebook group where we share pictures and help each other. On Instagram, you can use and follow the tag #FleringeCAL. The pattern for Fleringe can be bought as a PDF pattern, or as part of a pattern booklet 15 Fäbod, digitally in English, from Ravelry.


Today we will start crocheting the shawl Fleringe and the goal is that we finnish with rounds 1-85 before part 2 next week. After round 4, all the rounds will be crocheted in the same way until round 85. From round 86 you start to increase more, so that the shawl gets its boomerang shape, which is why I have chosen to divide the parts of the CAL into three parts in this way:

Part 1 (rounds 1-85): Tuesday 17 May (today!)

Part 2 (rounds 86-126): Tuesday 24 May

Part 3 (edge): Tuesday 31 May


As I said in the blog post from last week, my name is Anna Erlandsson or @hooked_by_anna on Instagram. I have designed Fleringe and about twenty crochet patterns for Järbo over the past two years and I am so happy with the Fleringe shawl. It's so simple and useful, with a little touch of summer romance. Fleringe is a place on northern Gotland (an island in the Baltic sea outside Sweden's coastline) where I spent the summers of my childhood. Limestone, windswept pines, quarry lakes, sheep and the big sea...


I have chosen to crochet my shawl in the same white color as the prototype I made for the photo shoot - the one you see in the pattern. I hope you have found a yarn that you want to use and that you have crocheted a swatch. More information about this can be found in the information blog post. Let's go!


Check the number of stitches per round the first few rounds, so that you make the increases and decreases correctly. It is the increases on one edge and the decreases on the other edge that give the shawl its shape. Here are some advice:

2 double crochet together are counted as one stitch.

The chain stitches that begin each round are counted as one stitch.

The number of stitches per round is not written in the pattern after round 5, as you repeat rounds 4-5 until you have 85 rounds in total. To make it easier, think like this:

Even rounds (v. 4, 6, 8, 10 etc.): + -0 stitches compared to previous rounds

Uneven rounds (v. 5, 7, 9, 11 etc.): +2 stitches compared to previous rounds

Example: round 6 = 9 st; round 7 = 11 st; round 8: 11 st; round 9:13 st; round 10:13 st.

See my PDF below for exact number of stitches per round up to round 85. Print this post on paper so you can check each round and check the number of stitch count as you crochet.

On the last round in part 1, round 85, you should have 89 stitches.


If you miss a stitch, it does not matter much. It won't even be seen. If you have about 89 stitches on round 85, everything is OK!


Laps 1-3 differ slightly from the rest of the laps and can be a bit fussy - difficult to see what you are doing.
Watch the video below and you will see how to crochet the first rounds and also rounds 4-5 which are then repeated.


Please take pictures of your Fleringe shawl and share them in the Facebook group or on Instagram with the tag #FleringeCAL so that we create that powerful, cozy feeling that we crochet something together, hundreds - maybe thousands of crocheters in the same virtual "room". It will be so much fun to see your shawls grow! I and the team at Järbo will hang out in the Facebook group and answer questions. The activity in the group is already in full swing! I will of course share your Instagram posts if you tag me @hooked_by_anna #FleringeCAL.


How to crochet the end of even rounds and the beginning of uneven rounds. I also show this in the video above the pictures.