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Fleringe CAL: part 2

Fleringe CAL: part 2

Posted: 24 May, 2022
Writer: Anna Erlandsson

I hope you have had time to get started with the first 85 rows of the Fleringe shawl and that you have about 89 stitches on row 85. The shawl now looks like a very long narrow and slightly uneven triangle and you may be wondering how this will become a shawl?

But do not worry, now we are starting to increase at a slightly faster rate along one edge of the shawl, which means that it will grow out a second tip, so that the shawl gets its boomerang-like shape. Of course, it's OK if you have not reached row 85 yet. You crochet at your own pace - and both the Facebook group and the blog posts will remain.


Speaking of the group - you are probably part of our Facebook group where we gather and ask questions, show pictures and help each other. On Instagram, you can tag your posts and follow #FleringeCAL to see all the nice shawls in your feed.


The pattern for Fleringe can be purchased as a single pattern, or as part of a pattern booklet 15 Fäbod, digitally or on paper, from Järbo's dealers, directly from Järbo or from Ravelry. If you live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland, please visit your local yarn store and grab a copy of Järbo Fäbod Lookbook - it's free and contains the pattern for Fleringe!


As the tactile person I am, I often start with materials and how they feel. Therefore, I am a little obsessed with different yarn qualities, but also with other materials, such as paper. That's why I want to strike a blow for Järbo's printed pattern booklets and Lookbook; the paper is thick but still smooth - perfect to take notes on. The booklets are really beautiful.


Today we start part 2 of the pattern; rows 86-126 which are almost the same as row 4-85 and easy to remember - a good piece of "meditation crochet"!

I have divided our CAL into three parts:

Part 1 (rounds 1-85): Tuesday 17 May

Part 2 (rounds 86-126): Tuesday 24 May (TODAY!)

Part 3 (tip edge): Tuesday 31 May


It is still the increases on one edge and the decreases on the other that form the shawl, but f.o.m. round 86, you increase by another stitch per round, which means that the other end, or lace, of the shawl emerges.

2 st tog (2 dc together) count as one stitch.

The chain stitches that start each row are also counted as one stitch, (4 ch = 1 dc, 3 ch = 1 tr).

The number of stitches per row is not printed after row 87 in the pattern, as you repeat row 86-87 until you have 126 rows in total. To make it easier, think like this:

Even rows  (86, 88, 90, 92 etc.): -1 stitches compared to previous rows

Uneven rows (87, 89, 91, 93 etc.): +3 stitches compared to previous rows

Round 86 = 90 st; row 87 = 93 st; row 88: 94 st; row 89: 97 st, etc.

On the last row in part 2, round 126, you should have 170 stitches.

Just like for part 1, there is a PDF below where you can check the number of stitches for each row.


Do not forget to take pictures of your Fleringe shawl and share with you in the Facebook group or on Instagram with the tag #FleringeCAL so that we create that powerful, cozy feeling that we crochet something together, hundreds - maybe thousands of crocheters in the same virtual "room". It's a bit magical I think. It's so much fun to see your shawls grow. I (Anna Erlandsson, @hooked_by_anna) and the team at Järbo are part of the Facebook group and answer questions. The activity in the group is really in full swing and it's so nice to see how you help each other!

Good luck with part 2 and see you again in a week when it's time for the last and most fun part: the lace edge!