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Julvanten 2020 - Part 3

Julvanten 2020 - Part 3

Posted: 23 February, 2022

A very warm welcome to part 3 of our Christmas mittens KAL 2020!

Now it’s time to ”put the cherry on top” – the thumbs! A rather small task to turn to while the toffee cooks on the stove. Then your Christmas mittens will be ready wear!

Looking for the finish language version? Click here!




Move the 12 held thumb stitches onto 2 dpn (6 + 6 sts). Knit the striped pattern over the 12 sts, and then, with a third dpn, pick up and knit 6 new sts along back of thumbhole = 18 sts total.

Continue in stripe pattern for a total of 12 rounds (or to desired length).

Decrease Rnd, with color 1: *K2tog*; repeat * to * around = 9 sts rem.

Cut yarn and draw end through remaining sts.




Work as for right thumb but decrease tip as follows:

Decrease Rnd, with color 1: K1, *k2tog*; repeat * to * around until 1 st remains, knit last together with first st = 9 sts rem.

Cut yarn and draw end through remaining sts.

Weave in all ends neatly on WS. Gently steam press mittens under a damp pressing cloth or wet block mittens and dry flat so the pattern will look its best.



Many thanks for participating in our traditional knit-along! We are very happy to join with you every year for our Christmas mitten knitting. It has meant even more this year, when so many of us cannot visit with our nearest and dearest.

Please take care of yourself – and have a lovely Christmas holiday / Maja at Järbo.


Psst! Check out our Facebook-grupp Julvanten page – we’ll share pictures, tips, and inspiration. Please show your work on Facebook and Instagram (@jarbogarn). Don’t forget to use the hashtag #julvanten2020!