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Sock of Roses – Part 1

Sock of Roses – Part 1

Posted: 13 April, 2021
Writer: NWT Migrate

A warm welcome to a knit-along inspired by all the memories and impressions we gather during summer! I (Majaam so happy that you want to knit and dream with me! If you haven’t bought your yarn yet, you’ll find all necessary material info in an earlier blog post >

Perhaps you reminisce about the scent of rose bushes wafting throughthe warm porch where you drank your morning coffee? Or, maybe you remember the sound of the wing beats of small birds flitting through the wild roses on a warm July evening?

We’ll begin there in any case – with roses! Part One of this knit-along (KAL), features just that – small roses. In this section, you’ll learn (if you aren’t already familiar with it) how to begin with a seamless cast-on, the so-called Judy’s Magic Cast-On. To make it easier, I recommend you begin by watching the video link below, where I demonstrate how to work the cast-on.


Judy’s Magic Cast-on: see video link.

Increase 1 st on the toe: Knit 2 sts into the same st by first knitting into the front and then the back of the st = Kf&b.


COcast on

dpndouble-pointed needles


kf&bknit into front and then back of same stitch = 1 st increased



st(s) = stitch(es)


With color 2 and dpn U. S. size 1.5 / 2.5 mm, using Judy’s Magic cast-on method, CO 16 (18) sts over two needles = 8 sts per needle.

NOTE: The stitch count depends on the foot width (S/M or L/XL) you have chosen to knit!

Rnd 1: On needle 1: *Kf&b, knit until 2 sts rem on needle, kf&b, k1*; repeat * to * on second needle.

Rnd 2: Knit around.

If you are using dpn, divide the sts over 4 needles after the 2nd round.

Repeat Rnds 1-2 until there is a total of 60 (70) sts.

Stitches 1-30 (1-35) = instep

Stitches 31-60 (36-70) = sole

Now work around in stockinette following the chart for chosen size.


Read the chart from right to left and repeat sts 1-10 around.


Read the chart from right to left and repeat sts 1-10 around.

After completing charted rows, knit 1 rnd with color 1.

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