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Sommarkoftan 2023 PART: 2 (english)

Sommarkoftan 2023 PART: 2 (english)

Posted: 13 June, 2023
Writer: Maja Karlsson

Welcome back – now the day has come to knit the yoke for our Summer Cardigan! It is so heart-warming to follow how your sweaters have grown and to see all the different color combinations.



You’ll need to have five stitch markers on hand when you join the pieces for the yoke. You can either tie yarn loops for the markers – or choose a fancy variation from our webshop or your nearest yarn shop. There are many kinds of  markers to choose from – closed or removeable in plastic, ceramic, or metal. Join the sweater pieces as described in the pattern, and, at the same time, place 4 markers for the raglan lines and one at the beginning of the round.



Now work the raglan decreases as instructed in the pattern. The decreases form the raglan lines so the yoke will be shaped correctly. On this year’s summer cardigan, the raglan lines have 4 stockinette stitches between the paired decreases – making a decorative center line.

Watch this video to see how to decrease before each raglan marker.

and this video for decreasing after a marker.



After making the given number of raglan decreases, you’ll bind off for the neckline at center front. The remainder of the yoke is worked back and forth. Note that the raglan decreases continue at the same time as the neckline is shaped with decreases at each side. Good luck with your cardigan knitting! Next week, we’ll knit the front bands and cut the steek open – here’s a sneak peek of that:


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