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Sommarkoftan 2024: Part 2

Sommarkoftan 2024: Part 2

Posted: 18 June, 2024
Writer: Maja Karlsson

This week we’ll focus on the body and sleeves. There will be lots of single-color stockinette – perfect for knitting on the beach, in the car, or on the train if you are traveling. It’s also great for when you are knitting with friends or listening to a really good audio book!

Okay – let’s get going!



After you’ve divided the stitches and counted them to make sure you have the correct stitch count, you’ll be on the straight path down. Knit the body to the length given in the pattern. Note that you take measurements from the division round; that is, from the underarm!

The body ends with a chain panel and twisted ribbing after you’ve bound off the steek stitches.

Next, you’ll knit one sleeve at a time. The sleeve decreases are made this way at the beginning of the round:

And this way at the end of the round:

Each sleeve is finished with a chain panel and twisted ribbing, following the instructions in the pattern.

Once the body and sleeves are finished, it’s time to weave in all the ends and wait for the last part which comes out in a week.

Good luck with this week’s knitting!


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