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Summercardigan 2022: part 2

Summercardigan 2022: part 2

Posted: 29 June, 2022
Writer: Maja Karlsson

During this week, we’ll work on the body and sleeves. There will be lots of single-color stockinette in the round – perfect for beach knitting or knitting in the car or on the train if you are traveling, and great if you are knitting with friends. It will also provide cozy knitting while you are listening to a really good audiobook!

Yes – let’s go!


Now your cardigan will be shaped into its proper form – with a body and two sleeves. You’ll do this by dividing the yoke stitches into two smaller pieces and one larger piece at the same time as you cast on for new side stitches at the underarms. These side stitches will become part of the body as you continue. At the same time, the sleeve stitches are placed on stitch holders, such as strands of yarn, so those stitches can “rest” until it is time to knit them.

NOTE Measure yourself before you divide the yoke so you can check to make sure the yoke is long enough. You can transfer half the stitches to another circular needle so you can pull the sweater over your head to try it on. Pinch in the underarm stitches to see if the fit is comfortable for you. In some cases, the yoke length will need to be adjusted which you can do by knitting the necessary number of rounds before dividing the yoke.

Divide for body and sleeves as follows: Knit the left front stitches, slip the left sleeve stitches to a holder, cast on new underarm stitches using a double loop cast-on: Video knit the stitches of the back, slip the right sleeve stitches to a holder, cast on new underarm stitches using a double loop cast-on, knit the right front stitches and then the steek stitches.

Count your stitches to make sure you have the correct total number of stitches for the body, that is, the stitches you placed on the circular needle (= left and right fronts, back, and the new underarm stitches). Make sure your stitch count matches that given in the pattern instructions.


After you’ve divided the yoke and counted your stitches and are sure the numbers are correct, it’s time for some straight knitting. Knit the body to the length specified in the pattern.
Note that you take this measurement from the row where you divided the yoke, specifically, down from the underarms!

After completing the body, knit each sleeve one at a time. The decreases are made at the beginning of the round, as shown here: video

And, at the end of the round: video

Once the body and both sleeves are finished, it’s time to weave in all the ends. Then, all you have to do is wait until next week for the last part.

Warm good luck wishes for this week’s knitting!



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