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Summer cardigan - Part 3

Summer cardigan - Part 3

Posted: 23 February, 2022

Are you ready for knitting the sleeves? That’s exactly what we’ll be doing this week. You are warmly welcome to the third part of our summer cardigan knit-along!


Just as for the body, the sleeves will be knitted in the round. We will supplement the live stitches saved for each sleeve with new stitches picked up and knitted in the stitches we cast on at the underarms when dividing for the body and sleeves.

 Start off by sliding the live stitches saved for one sleeve onto a short circular or divide them onto a set of double-pointed needles (dpn).

 Beginning at the center of the underarm, pick up and knit half the total number of stitches across the underarm: insert the needle into the center of the stitch in the row below the cast-on and bring the yarn through as if to knit.

 There is a risk of creating a hole in the space between the new and the saved stitches. I usually solve this problem by picking up one of the front loops in precisely that space. Put that stitch on the left needle and then knit it together with the first of the live stitches.

 Next, knit the live stitches that had been saved for the sleeve. Avoid a hole at the next space before the new stitches: pick up a front loop in the “corner” and then pick up and knit the first underarm stitch. Place these two stitches on the left needle and knit them together. Continue by picking up and knitting new stitches to the center of the underarm.

 Now count the stitches on your needle to make sure you have the correct number. Work around in stockinette following the instructions in the pattern. Shape the sleeve by decreasing on the rounds specified for your size in the pattern.


Each decrease round has two types of decrease. One at the beginning of the round and another at the end. There is also a regular knit stitch before the first decrease and another knit stitch after the last decrease. The first decrease leans to the left and the second one leans to the right.

Decrease at the beginning of the round: Slip 1 (as if to knit), knit 1, pass slipped stitch over (sl 1, k1, psso).

Decrease at the end of the round: Knit 2 stitches together (k2tog).


As you knit the sleeves, try on the sweater to make sure it fits well.

If you want a wider sleeve, omit some of the first decrease rounds. Keep in mind that you’ll need a multiple of 4 stitches when you finish all the decreases because you’ll be knitting a narrow pattern band at the lower edge of each sleeve before you work the Latvian braid and ribbing.

Next week, we’ll put the finishing touches on the cardigan! That includes knitting the buttonhole/button bands, pocket linings, and, the big moment … cutting the steek open! We look forward to seeing you then.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below or in our collective Facebook group “Summer Cardigan/Sommarkoftan.”


PS: Check out our Facebook group, Summer Cardigan/Sommarkoftan – you’ll find pictures, tips, and inspiration. Also, please share your work on Facebook and Instagram (@jarbogarn). Don’t forget to include the hashtag #summercardigan / #sommarkoftan.